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What Is HR Lite?

Small businesses often do not have the resources to hire and train an HR Professional. At Luxa, we have been providing small business HR solutions for over 14 years. One thing we have learned over the years is that many small businesses need HR help, but cannot justify the cost.

That’s where we come in. By offering an affordable HR solution to small businesses, they can get the professional help they need On Demand. Our plans start at just $99/mo. With no contracts. You will be assigned a dedicated HR Business Partner and have unlimited phone, email and chat. Our HR Professionals are all certified by SHRM and HRCI and our team has over 50 years of HR knowledge.


HR Document Templates

Get access to downloadable HR templates policies for your business.  They are completely editable and will save you massive amounts of time!

Member Forums

Get access to forums, get solutions to common problems among business owners.  Get valuable insight in to unique solutions from other members.

Access to HR employees

Get on-demand access to a trained HR member included with your membership.  Easily reachable in needed times.

Audio & Video Examples

Get access to audio examples of common HR scenarios and what to do in difficult situations.

HR Support for A Low monthly price

Get access to tons of editable policy HR templates, an easily reachable HR member of, access to member forums with unique solutions to HR problems, & audio examples of what to do in difficult HR scenarios, we take all the guess work out of HR.

Outsourced HR Services Certifications

We maintain various certifications to provide the most accurate knowledge and practices in the industry.

Get the HR Support

and Put Your Mind at Ease

  • Unlimited access to a dedicated HR Business Partner

Call, chat, or email an experienced HR Expert, helping you with all things HR.

  • HR expertise for All of your employees

Your new HR Expert will also be your employees’ direct contact for all day-to-day HR needs.

  • HR policies and more

Get instant access to HR policies, templates, and much more.

How It Works!

How does it work?

Once you sign up for one of our plans based on your company size, your dedicated HR Business Partner will call you and discuss how we can best serve you. After that, it’s no more worrying about HR issues, we’ve got you covered.  Once signed up, you will have access to all the documents and the many benefits to our HR Lite program.

Luxa’s HR Team is ready to assist you. Anytime you have a question relating to Human Resources, just ask and we’ll get right on it for you. Need a policy created, reviewed or updated? With your plan you get access to templates, video training and much more. It’s just like having your own HR Pro right there with you.


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